Mrs. Sharon Russell-Archived


Welcome to the Resource Room Web Page!

     The Resource Room at Kellogg is an available resource for students, teachers and parents throughout the community. We have an array of information and materials that are helpful in assisting our children in their everyday learning. I am available to meet with you if thee are any questions regarding your child's educational needs or academic development. Please contact me and I will set up a time for us to discuss your questions.

     I am in the process of adding links from web sites that have important information regarding various disabilities that may interest you. These sites will be very helpful in assisting you to answer questions you have in order to make informed decisions about you child's education. If there are websites that you know of that are helpful and would like to share the; let me know and I will add them to the list.

     The team in the Resource Room which includes: Mrs. Kelly McKenzie and Mrs. Suzanne Dodge, work with the students at Kellogg to enhance all aspects of their learning. We provide strategies to better prepare them for each new challenge and teach them the skills they need to make every day a successful learning experience.