Geography -Archived

Africa Puzzle
Have fun learning about Africa with a School Net map.

Continents and Oceans
Type the first three letters of the highlighted place on a map of the world.

Enchanted Learning Geography
Site for Grades K to 5 offers beginning exploration of the continents of the world. Activities, crafts, quizzes izzes, games and facts for the continents included.

GeoBee Quiz Game
Prepare for the National GeoBee Contest by National Geographic
For grades 3 to 12. Great site for climate, flags, geography and glossary for geographic terms.

Interactive Map of the United States 1
Can you complete the map of the United States?

Interactive Maps of the United States 2
From Shepardson Software

Languages Spoken Around the World
A comprehensive listing of languages spoken in most countries and the number of native speakers

Latitude and Longitude Coordinates Finder
Enter your home address to learn your GPS Coordinates.

Name Them
Race against the clock to name various countries of the world.  You pick thX region.

National Geographic Education
Check out National Geographic photos and videos. Use interactive tools to make or view maps of all kinds.

Test Your Geography Knowledge
A fun global map quiz

Using the Grid
Uncover ancient artifacts by using latitude and longitude coordinates  to identify which X marks the spot.

Using the Grid 2

Using the Grid Pizza Delivery
Move the delivery van around the world to deliver the pizzas hot.

The Wombat One World
This animated short will make you smile as it reminds you of the inter-connectedness of all things.

World Factbook
Skim the CIA's website to learn current information about the world's countries.