At Lee H. Kellogg, middle school students study in combined classes (5/6 and 7/8).  Though a small school, we have been incorporating EL Education (Expeditionary Learning) practices, aspects of personalized learning and transitioning to NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) into the science program. 

As a result, students are taking on more direct roles in their own education, such as:

Writing learning targets
Designing rubrics
Choosing how to represent their new learning in a final product
Generating investigative questions
Designing lab investigations
Working in peer groups to develop models to explain scientific phenomena
Conducting Peer review that is kind, specific, and helpful
Developing their own Student Led Conferences

Students also gain many communication skills in science class that provide important skills to prepare for high school, college and future careers.

Science Resources 5-8

Scientific Phenomenon Explanation Sheet

Scientific Phenomenon Paragraph Rubric

Observation Rubric.pdf


Argumentative Rubric.pdf

Scientific Drawing Rubric.pdf

Drawing Rubric.pdf

Target Rubric Grade 3 4.pdf

Science Graph Rubric

Lab Report Template

Lab Report Rubric

Scientific Proposal (for Aquarium)

Scientific Proposal Rubric

Grade 7/8 Human Body / Adolescence Science Unit Letter

Grade 5/6 Changes in the Human Body Letter

Science Fair & Invention Convention Project Pacing and Scoring

Microscope lending program - A program to spark science enthusiasm outside the classroom.