Beginning of Year Reminders-Archived

At the beginning of the new school year, an authorization form for each medication must be completed by the parent and doctor, and returned to the school nurse. Parents are to bring in properly labeled pharmaceutical containers. Please have the pharmacy split the dosage and put the medication in two containers if you need medication for home use (one for home and one for school). Please do not have students bring in medications.

If your child will need an inhaler or Epipen for the school year, please check
the expiration date before bringing in the medication. If your child has
permission to carry and administer either an inhaler medication or Epipen,
please state so on the Medication Authorization Form. These are the only students allowed to carry medications with the authorization of the physician, parent/guardian and the school nurse for the self-administration of medication.

Please contact your physician before the start of school as it will facilitate the start of the school year for the student, school, and physician.