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Ms. Amanda Spelbos

Amanda Spelbos

This is my third year at Lee H. Kellogg teaching math! I grew up in Kent and went to HVRHS before attending Endicott College and Central Connecticut State University for my bachelor's and master's.

This year, I am teaching grades 1, 4, 6, and 8. I enjoy the variety in ages and the fact that I get to see everyone in the school.

I am also the Quiz Bowl coach and the 8th Grade Trip Adviser.

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Phone: 860-824-7791 ext. 106


We use math everyday outside of school:

  • Baking and cooking require math as we add, subtract, multiply, and divide with fractions and whole numbers to double recipes, make substitutions in recipes, and decide how much of an ingredient you need from the store
  • Gardening uses math as you plant seeds, count rows in the bed, consider the time of year to plant and harvest
  • Calendars and appointment books use numbers as you pay attention to the time of appointments, distance places may be from your home, time between appointments
  • Banking and money require math as you keep track of your spending, savings, and income
  • Hanging pictures and decorating the house require measurements - if you want different sized pictures hanging in a cluster, you may want them to be equally spaced and symmetrical for aesthetics
  • Telling time is math! You consider how long something lasts, how many more hours until you need to leave, how much of your day is spent running errands
  • Stores have sales, sometimes buy 1 get 1 50% off or 20% off everything sales and you may want a good idea of how much you should be paying when you get to the register to double check the cashier and make sure you are not paying more than you should
  • While driving, you ask yourself how much gas do you have left, how much farther you need to drive, if you have enough gas to get there, how long it will take to get there
  • We use math to make decisions while considering the probability of it raining today, and the likelihood that you will have to present tomorrow, and which questions are most likely to be asked on the next test