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Escaping Math Class!
Posted on 11/30/2017
LHK Middle School students solve math equations to escape math class

Escaping Math Class

By Amanda Spelbos

 Traditional escape rooms are an enticing activity that many adults and children have been taking part in. It is a physical adventure game where groups solve puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to solve the problems and escape the room within an hour.

Seventh graders at Kellogg spent about an hour trying to escape their math class this month! Rather than simply opening the door to leave, three groups of students had to solve some equations and produce a four digit code to receive the next envelope of clues. They had no directions and no help, but they were able to bounce ideas off of their group. This particular escape room was comprised of puzzles relating to algebraic vocabulary and definitions, solving algebraic equations, and identifying which equation was not correct. The students had to use their problem solving skills when their original approach did not result in the correct four digit code.

Despite some frustration and confusion, students persevered and most groups managed to escape. After escaping from math class, the students exclaimed that they enjoyed the activity, with one student asking, “Can we do another?” before the end of the day. The seventh graders enjoyed the escape room and saw it as more of a fun activity than a normal class period, despite working on the same learning targets as they have been because students had to work cooperatively towards a common goal.