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Language Arts

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A literature based reading program allows our students to experience many genres of reading and writing. The Expeditionary Learning Modules we use are rigorous and related to global issues, as well as accessible to our young students. The children develop their communication skills by reading, writing and speaking frequently in class. Children are also expected to read on a regular basis at home. This is among the most important habits to develop in the quest to become a lifelong learner. I believe the third and fourth graders should spend spent fifteen minutes reading for pleasure five times a week. It is also important for children to read aloud and to discuss these readings. The positive support parents give to school can have such a wonderful impact educationally. Check out some of the literature sites for good book ideas.

In writing, the modules we use are supplemented by the Empowering Writers curriculum, and a workshop model. Children engage in many different types of writing and write often in class. Many writing lessons begin with a mini-lesson on published works. This lesson gives information about gathering ideas, revising, editing and publishing. Students write in their personal notebooks during school and at home. Vocabulary is an important component of the Language Arts program. This year the third and fourth graders are using an online program to develop their vocabulary. Students are also working on decoding and encoding during the Word Work sections of the week.